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We are a group of girls, mostly in our 20s,​ ​who share a desire to give girls a vision of​ ​who God is and who they are. We work all​ ​kinds of jobs and have all kinds of stories​ ​about friends and siblings and guys and​ ​church and adventures. We all have​ ​different personalities, parents, and experiences.​ ​Odds are, someone here knows​ ​what you’re talking about. 

What WE DO

Over three days, our goal is to pour into you what’s​ ​been poured into us, no matter what your faith​ ​background is. We want to teach from God’s word​ ​and our own stories about topics like relationships​ ​(with friends, family, and guys), forgiveness,​ ​identity, media, sexuality, and trust. We want to​ ​teach about how to spend time with God, how to​ ​not live in fear, how to pray, and what it truly​ ​means to be a woman. We want to​ ​put you on a​ ​small group team where you can talk it out with​ ​team leaders to mentor you and pray with you. We​ ​want to make a safe place for you to tell your​ ​stories, ask questions, and understand things​ ​better. We also want to have a shaving cream fight,​ ​outdoor games, a dance party, and at the end, a​ ​special dinner for you. There will be crafty stuff,​ ​music, games, and of course, a big sleepover every​ ​night.​ ​It’s​ ​gonna be good.



“I grew up in the church, and as a teenager, I​ ​found out I had problems. Real problems;​ ​problems I didn’t know what to do with. At a​ ​girls retreat I saw other girls, a little older than​ ​me, following Christ, sticking with the church,​ ​loving their families,​ ​and talking about real​ ​issues. Girls retreats turned out to be a place​ ​where any kind of girl and problem were​ ​welcome. It turned out to be a place where it​ ​was safe to be yourself, share your struggles if​ ​you want, and enjoy life, with a lot of fun​ ​games,​ ​food, and music. Those girls helped me​ ​see the trinity God was big enough to hold all​ ​the little fragmented parts of life together pain, joy, hope, loss, past, future, friends,​ ​family, eating, worshiping, studying, dancing,​ ​media, sexuality, bravery, bodies, souls. He can​ ​be trusted. Those girls trusted Him and enjoyed​ ​Him and I saw them do it. It had a huge influence on my life in how I interacted with​ ​God, with the church, and with my family up​ ​through adulthood. It has shaped the way I pray and have relationships and understand​ ​my purpose. I thank God for the way older girls​ ​mentored me in my faith and I want to always ​give that to other girls.”  

Click "About Us" for more info on our doctrine, statement of faith, etc. 

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