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"A support group for girls that begins during some of the most vulnerable and difficult years a girl has to navigate. It is down time in a world that beckons everyone to be so technologically connected at a surface level, that connecting on a deeper level suffers as a priority. It is a place to relax, be silly, enjoy creativity, dance, get dressed up just to be with girls, discover the joys of silence, share, mentor and be mentored, learn hard truths, laugh, cry, dream, and grow … all packed into three days. This is not your ordinary retreat. The relationships forged have created lasting friendships. The rewards so outweigh the investment. Caveats? A very tired, possibly sleep deprived girl, who might just start planning her next summer’s schedule around whatever dates are reserved for Girls Retreat. In a world of high dollar items, this one is a “steal!” Honestly, I don’t know how they feed everyone (well!) for the price of registration. And my daughter has kept and uses almost every craft project she has ever made. 





Alyssa, Age 15

“I have to say first and foremost that it is life-changing. I went 3 summers ago and came back never quite the same. And I would go summer after summer if I could. The fellowship is amazing. You meet such good friends there. I still have friends from three years ago that I talk to, and that's incredible to see in and of itself; just how awesome God is and how He can use a four-day conference to completely change your life."

Jessica, Age 18

“The Girls Retreat has been an incredible time of refreshment and deep enjoyment over the years! Each year, I am excited and wait expectantly to see how the Lord will show up. He never fails to amaze me with powerful testimonies, wonderful small groups, and excellent worship! It has truly been a one of a kind experience!”

Karleigh, Age 14

"Girls Retreat has been a fun, joyful atmosphere with a bunch of Christian girls getting together to worship God. It's a place of joy but also a place where you can open up and share what you have been struggling with lately."

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